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Our Process

"Good Fit"

We have found that our clients' success is directly tied to the quality of their relationship with their financial advisor. The first step down this path is making sure we are a "Good Fit". During this meeting, we will get to know each other before looking at our next steps. This will save you valuable time and improve your overall experience.

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What are your dreams?

Before we can help you design a roadmap, we need to know where you want to go. This is accomplished by gaining an understanding of your goals and dreams. If you need help identifying and prioritizing your goals, our advisors have years of experience in financial planning helping hundreds of clients, so we are happy to help. Some examples would be Retirement Planning, Education Planning, Estate Planning, and Tax Planning.

Where are you now?

An examination of your current financial situation will give us a starting point for your roadmap. It will be important for us to take a comprehensive and in-depth look, so we will need access to your most recent financial information. Please remember that everything we do is confidential.

How do we help you accomplish your goals?

We design a comprehensive wealth management plan that is tailored to your goals. Another key component to our client’s success is how comfortable they are with their plan and strategy. Therefore, we want to answer any questions you have regarding the overall process to make sure we have a clear vision of your expectations before we start the implementation phase.

From Ideas to Action!

Once we have agreed upon a plan and strategy, we take all those pieces and put them into action for you. This includes, but is not limited to account openings, account transfers, investment strategy implementation, initiating or amending your estate plan, initiating or amending your insurance coverages, tax planning opportunities, and more.

Monitoring and Communication

As your financial advisor (and personal CFO), we monitor your investments daily, and we make the appropriate changes to keep you on track. We tailor a communication plan based on your preferences. Some clients prefer quarterly visits while others prefer semi-annual visits. The only wrong way is to not communicate. Please remember, whenever there is a change in your financial life or if you simply have a question, we want to talk. Our door is always open.